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Monday, February 17, 2020 - 10:21:29
JavaScript framework for writing powerful web applications with less code. With SproutCore, you can build rich, interactive applications in the web in less code than most simple web pages require today. SproutCore includes code from a number of different open source projects including:jQuery,...
Version: 1.9.
MIT License
Prototype is an open source JavaScript framework. Provides various functions for developing JavaScript applications. The features range from programming shortcuts to major functions for dealing with XMLHttpRequest. Prototype also provides library functions to support classes and class-based...
Version: 1.7.
MIT License
EasyBasket takes a different approach at creating a shopping cart; although technically complex in its execution, it is extremely simple for the user to install. With EasyBasket you can quickly insert a shopping cart anywhere on your web page with a single line of code. Easy Basket works on any...
Version: 1.0.
Easy Basket
The main goal of this library is to make jQuery (and Javascript), be completely dynamic instead of static and unchangeable code, returning commands on-the-fly from the server and execute them in order on the client, while still manipulating the DOM and dealing with callbacks. This library...
Version: 2.4.4
BSD License
Phery - PHP AJAX jQuery integration
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